Town Hall

At Dare, we strive to create a culture where our people feel empowered to do great things.

At our annual Town Hall last week, we did just that with a focus on these three themes –

1. How failure drives progress like nothing else:

“If you're here at Dare, then you are here *to dare*

It's in the name, it's who we are, it's what we do.

We do not move forward from a place of fear of failure… If we fail, we fail forward.”

- CEO and Co-Founder, Ayman Rahman


2. How Dare is on a mission to support the world’s green energy transition through our data, innovation and software:

“Our mission is ‘balancing and digitising the world’s energy to a greener future, faster’. As an energy tech company, we are built to make renewables viable at scale by leveraging our prowess, our heritage, and our quality of our trading. Couple that with our innovation, data, and software, and we start to see that mission come to life.”

- Chief Technology Product Officer, Stephen Garland


3. How utilising OKRs delivers optimal performance and means greater accountability and transparency:

“At Dare, ‘Objectives and Key Results’ are integral to everything we do. Whether it is a performance review or a new product we’re working on. OKRs bring a crystal-clear clarity on our goals and our vision. When we embed them into our culture, that's when we really start to see results.”

- Project Manager to the CEO, John Cammell